March 13, 2020: the day our office closed down and we all started working from home. The pandemic was just getting started. Toilet paper was flying off the shelves. The world was a confusing place.

Here are 5 songs that helped me get through that strange time.

Party on Apocalypse - New Found Glory
I'd start my mornings off with this upbeat pop-punk jam.

The Woods - Hollow Coves
A peaceful tune that makes me want to go hide in the woods far away from the germs.

The Suburbs - Mr Little Jeans
A great cover of a classic Arcade Fire song.

Feeling Ok - Best Coast
Despite the chaotic world outside I think I'm feeling ok.

Don't Stand So Close To Me - The Police
My anthem for when I'm out grocery shopping. #6feet

I doubt anyone is reading my blog right now because this is my first post and I haven't shared it yet – but if you are reading, what songs did you listen to that helped you cope with quarantine? Let me know!